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A strategic research and consulting firm.

We help our clients understand the public opinion atmosphere in which they operate and communicate effectively with their target audiences.


Methodological Rigor

Concise Deliverables

Actionable Strategic Recommendations

Statistic designs


We offer our clients a full range of research services to develop strategies to guide their efforts and advance their goals.

LJR Custom Strategies specializes in Qualitative and Quantitative research.

Qualitative Telephone, Online, Text, Text to Phone and Print Surveys

We help clients understand the perceptions, attitudes, and demographics of a statistically reliable sample of their target audience – members, constituents, donors, alumni, customers, or voters.

Survey Services Include:

  • Questionnaire design

  • Sampling strategy

  • List acquisition and management

  • Data collection

  • Sample monitoring to insure respondent represent sampled universe

  • Data processing

  • Analysis

  • Reporting

Survey Deliverables Include:

  • Topline results

  • Verbatim and coded responses to any open ended questions

  • Full data set crosstabulated against a wide array of demographic variables

  • Graphic charts interwoven with strategic analysis

  • A presentation of the findings

Quantitative Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

We delve more deeply into individual lines of questioning and to test sample materials by placing them in the hands of our target audience in order to gauge their reaction.

Focus Group and IDI
Services Include:

  • Recruiting/Screening questionnaire design

  • Sampling strategy

  • List management

  • Recruit monitoring to insure participants represent desired population

  • Logistics coordination at project site (room setup, catering, etc.)

  • Discussion guide design

  • Moderating/Interviewing

  • Audio and video recording of the proceedings

  • Transcription

  • Analysis

  • Reporting

Focus Group and IDI
Deliverables Include:

  • Demographic characteristic lists of focus group participants

  • Written transcripts of proceedings

  • Audio and video of the proceedings

  • Results of any handouts or questionnaires completed by interviewees

  • Analysis of the project findings

  • Presentation of the results



Our team is hands on. We are a boutique firm that has consciously chosen to remain small so we can focus on every client and project. You are guaranteed full access to the firm’s principals at every phase of your project – from sampling strategy, to instrument design, to implementation, to analysis.

Methodological Rigor

​We pay attention to every detail.  We design highly accurate, statistically reliable samples of the target audience.  We design questionnaires and discussion guides to capture the information our clients seek. 

Concise Deliverables

We custom-design our research deliverables so they are succinct and speak to our client’s specific needs. We are highly regarded for our quick turnaround, because the results aren’t useful until we get them into our clients' hands.

Actionable Strategic Recommendations

We are experienced in presenting findings to clients ranging from those who have never done research before to high level research department staff at national organizations. We have earned a reputation for presenting our findings in clear and understandable ways so our clients can use them to their best advantage.




LJR Custom Strategies has conducted political polling in almost every state in the country, working with candidates running for all levels of political office – from School Board to President. We have also conducted polls and focus groups for a multitude of state parties, caucus programs, independent expenditure, levy, and ballot initiative campaigns.   

Private Sector, Organizations, Associations   


LJR Custom Strategies has extensive research experience working for non-political clients in a wide variety of areas — Museums, Environmental Groups, Colleges and Universities, K-12 School Districts, Early Childhood Educational Organizations, Libraries, Parks, Consumer Groups, Labor Unions, Businesses, Philanthropic Foundations/Organizations, and Media/Broadcasting. 

Jennifer Johnson


Jennifer has over 25 years of experience in the market research and strategic consulting field - all at LJR Custom Strategies and its predecessor firms. Jennifer started as a research assistant in 1993 and has learned the business from the ground up, becoming a firm principal and owner in 2007.


Jennifer has conducted over one thousand surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviewing projects for a wide range of clients. In addition, she has lectured on survey research and strategy at American University's Campaign Management Institute, LSU, to the New Leader's Council, and to the candidates and campaign managers of many of the caucus programs for which she has polled.


Jennifer is well regarded for her accessibility to her clients and her attention to detail. She is also known for her ability to provide actionable results to clients whether they are well versed in strategic research or have never fielded a research project before. Jennifer is a true consultant who is committed to working behind the scenes so her clients can shine.


Jennifer earned a B.A. degree in Political Science from William and Mary. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, she and her husband, Matt, spent nearly 20 years in Washington, DC but are now residents of New Orleans, LA where they also own a local music club, Carnaval Lounge.



Let’s Work Together

LJR Custom Strategies

2257 Marais Street

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Jennifer Johnson


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